Purpose: To advance the quality of musculoskeletal health care to the community through promotion and recognition of professional excellence in orthopaedic nursing.

Objectives: Achieving excellence in orthopaedic nursing practice through the promotion of the highest standards of nursing practice and care delivery.

Promoting orthopaedic nursing as a specialty with a distinct and specialised body of knowledge and skills. Providing educational and professional opportunities that enable orthopaedic nurses to enhance their clinical skills and theoretical knowledge of orthopaedic nursing practice.

Expanding the body of orthopaedic nursing knowledge in a systemised way through research and clinical practice development. Striving for better orthopaedic nurse practice through innovation and application of evidence based nursing interventions.

Demonstrating leadership through articulation and promotion of the role of orthopaedic nursing within a dynamic health care system. Supporting and progressing the notion of an advanced clinical role in orthopaedic nursing practice. Influencing orthopaedic nursing practice by application of clinical governance principles.

Encouraging a collaborative approach amongst all members of the interdisciplinary team. Fostering cooperation, consultation and the exchange of information amongst orthopaedic nurses and other interested persons and groups on a state, national and international level.

Revised January 2004


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